With a wide variety of experience, we offer training to public safety professionals and law-abiding private citizens.

Private Security Training

We have extensive experience training military, law enforcement, and security personnel. From handgun training geared for law enforcement & security to Stop the Bleed™, verbal de-escalation skills, or a class on report writing, we can cater to your individual or organizational needs. Contact us for a full list of available courses.

Vanguard also offers a 40-hour Basic Security Officer Training program that addresses all of the necessary training required for a highly professional guard force. This program will increase employee competency while reducing company liability and risk.

Private Citizen Training

Whether you are seeking to become more comfortable with firearms or want to be better able to protect yourself and your family, we can help! We have courses for all skill levels, including:
● Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle
SD Enhanced Concealed Carry permit class
Advanced Defensive Pistol
● OC / Pepper Spray for Self-Defense
● Stop the Bleed™

Private instruction is available.

Safety/Security Consulting

Curious how you can be more safety-minded? Wondering what kind of gear to carry, how to create a home defense plan, or how to build a first aid kit? Want to learn how to better prepare yourself, your family, or your organization to avoid disaster? We have answers to all your questions!